Container Sale
Container Rental
Projects and customization

Container Sale

We sell containers according to customer requirements. Units available for transportation, storage or for building projects.

All sizes: 20, 40 and 45 feet and all types: Dry, Reefers, Open Tops, Flat Racks and Tanks; both used and new. If necessary, we can offer inspected and certified units.

Container repurchase:

Many users purchase containers for a given project and after use, do not find a solution for the units. We repurchase units sold by us or we assist our customers to sale these units.



Nationalization is necessary in some countries, especially in Brazil, Versibox’s host country. We sell nationalized units or assist our customers in purchasing containers that may legally remain in the national territory.

Container Rental

In addition to selling, we offer container rentals.

Domestic container lease and One Way Lease contracts, which are alternatives to smaller operations or just one trip.

Domestic Container Rental:

– CROSS DOCKING Operations – Return of container to shipping line and exchange for rented container, thus reducing demurrage costs;

– Possibility to increase storage capacity in terminal or factory for a certain period or for specific project.

One Way Lease:

– Container is used in just one trip.

– Container is taken at the port of origin and returned at the port of destination;

– Exempt from demurrage charges;

– Customized solution according to travel time and usage.

These are options that allow you to adjust the cost according to the operation. Both solutions can be offered in many countries.

Projects and customization

Through partners we recycle marine containers or use new units for construction or any other type of project.

Options tailored to meet custom projects, according to user needs. They are practical and affordable alternatives and are often cheaper than conventional construction.

We can offer self-sustainable projects like water reuse system, collecting rain and / or using solar energy, making projects green.

We can meet the most diverse types of demands of our customers: Construction of houses, schools, shops, bathrooms, kitchens, hotels, restaurants etc.

Marine container designs are versatile and easy to transport, enabling fast, low-cost construction with low material waste rate. The work done in containers allows reusing up to 70% of the material used in case of relocation.